Labor law

Labor law is a branch of law which is subject to profound changes constantly, closely related to the processes taking place in socio-economic life of the country.

Recruiting, hiring, managing and motivating the workforce are significant challenges for most activities. Employment contracts have become more sophisticated and complex.

We offer legal services on the following aspects:
• negotiating, drafting, legal assistance and representation on the individual and collective labor contracts
• preparing internal documents (Rules of Organization and Operation, Rules of Procedure, organizational chart and job)
• termination of labor contracts
• conducting layoffs
• liability of employee
• establishing and granting leave (recreation, medical, study, free of charge)
• establishing and granting cash rights
• fulfillment obligations under employment contracts
• preliminary procedure
• establishment and application of disciplinary sanctions
• drafting assistance and legal representation regarding the rights of employers/employees
• appeals on decisions of the discipline committee
• employee social protection
• obtaining work permits
• labor disputes and social insurances
• specialist legal advice to companies, employers or unions
• agreements of transfer between companies, branches of the parent company or between main company and their subsidiaries and representatives, affiliated and unaffiliated
• counsel on everyday problems related to labor law
• litigations in labor law
• assistance and legal representation before the employee, the company or the labor courts

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