Intellectual property

Intellectual property provides protection to ideas, expressions, products, forms, etc., which the holder of these rights understand to use them.

Increasingly more people are facing problems of unfair competition and theft of image and appeal to specialized services to ensure their protection.

We provide representation thru mandat and consulting services for obtaining titles of protection and exclusive rights to exploit the brands of goods or services, designs, inventions, topographies of semiconductor products, and other services, including rights copyright and related rights. We also provide legal advice and representation in courts in intellectual property related cases.

The services we offer relate to:
• obtaining and protecting industrial property rights in Romania
• representation before the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, Romanian Office for Copyright and other institutions, individuals and legal entities in order to obtain, defend and promote intellectual property rights
• documentary research
• preparing documentation for obtaining titles of protection in industrial property
• drafting of oppositions to registration of the protection and supporting them to OSIM
• drafting points of view at oppositions made in the registration stage of protection and supporting them to OSIM
• drafting points of view at OSIM notifications for non-fulfillment of conditions prescribed for registration of the protection
• preparing documentation and license agreements, assignment, sale and purchase of objects of industrial property and copyright
• any other activities related to intellectual property rights

We provide representation in the courts of any degree, on these types of disputes:
• actions for revocation of the rights conferred by a trademark
• actions for cancellation of the registration of a trademark
• actions resulting from non-fulfillment of the transfer contracts of the property or the right to use industrial property rights: license agreements, assignment, etc.
• appeal and appeal against the decision of the committee from OSIM to rejecting the trademarks registration
• actions for combating and preventing counterfeiting trademarks
• actions for blocking of counterfeit goods at customs
• actions for unblock frozen goods at customs
• unfair competition actions
• recognition of copyright
• recovery rights of the author
• disputes about domain names