Commercial law

Commercial law is a branch of private law which regulates commercial matters. Provisions of the civil code applies to relations between professionals, as well as the relations between them and any other subjects of civil law.

According to the Civil code, “are considered professionals all who exploits an enterprise “, and also “is an exploitation of an enterprise the exercising systematic, by one or more persons, of an organized activity consisting in producing, administration or alienation of goods or services, whether or not it has a lucrative purpose”.

We provide legal services to a wide range of commercial issues, including among others:
• writing papers and submitting them to competent authorities for setting up a company
• assistance in negotiating and concluding commercial contracts
• commercial transactions
• drafting commercial contracts
• specialist legal advice given to legal persons in terms of daily activities of companies
• preparation of documents, addenda, decisions of general meetings of the partners/shareholders
• fulfilling all the formalities regarding registration of claims to the Trade Register Office and/or other public institutions
• obtain informations on companies
• mergers, divisions and liquidations of companies
• establishing subsidiaries, branches, outlets, offices
• mediation and conciliation
• licensing
• arbitration
• conflicts between partners, shareholders and business partners
• disputes relating to breach of contractual obligations
• commercial competition
• debt collection
• assistance and legal representation in the judicial reorganization and bankruptcy
• legal assistance during the judicial reorganization
• establishment of associations, foundations, non-profit organizations
• legal assistance on taxes
• legal assistance and representation before tax authorities and customs and before the courts
• representing clients in courts and before the International Commercial Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry