Administrative law

Administrative law includes the legal rules governing the organization and operation of public administration, based on and in law enforcement.

Administrative act is the unilateral act of individual or normative, issued by a public authority in order to execute the law enforcement or the organization the law enforcement, creating, modifying or extinguishing the legal relationships.

Are deemed administrative acts and administrative contracts concluded by public authorities, and unjustified refusal to resolve a claim relating to a right or a legitimate interest or, as appropriate, the applicant’s refusal to respond in due time.

Any person who is considered aggrieved in a right or a legitimate interest by a public authority through an administrative act or failure to solve the legal deadline of an application may appeal to the competent administrative court for annulment of the act, recognizing the claimed right or legitimate interest and compensation for damage that was caused. Legitimate interest can be both private and public.
It can address the administrative court also the person injured in a right or a legitimate interest by an individual administrative act, addressed to another entity.

We provide legal services to a wide range of administrative problems, including:
• advice on administrative court
• advice and legal representation in cases with the object unlawful administrative acts, appeals
• legal advice, assistance and representation of clients in administrative litigation for the suspension, cancellation or implementation of administrative acts adopted by local authorities
• advice and legal representation in cases with the object issue or cancellation of approvals, permits and other administrative acts
• drafting and support complaints against contravention of the domain of road, administrative, fiscal, etc.
• applications based on the legislation on free access to public information