We are a law office from Bucharest, composed of lawyers, members of the Bucharest Bar. We provide assistance, advice and legal representation before the courts of any degree, on any matter relating to: intellectual property, commercial law, environmental law, civil law, family law, labor law, administrative law, financial tax law, etc.

The law office is hold by Anca Stancescu lawyer, member of the National Association of Romania – Bucharest Bar since february 2000. Anca Stancescu lawyer and her collaborators is involve with the maximum promptness and seriousness in all the activities it carries.

Rich practical experience of commercial and civil legal assistance, and representation in courts of any degree, and in front of other institutions, recommend the law office to any legal issues, litigation, conciliation prior.

The law office performs all activities under the organic act of the legal profession: legal advice, drafting documents, identity certificate and giving the parties argue on written documents, the defense of clients in front of the court, and before other public authorities any natural or legal, mediation activities, fiduciary activities, etc.

The law office is registered with the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing in the register of personal data processing.