The lawyer promotes and protects the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the people.

The lawyer has the right to assist and represent individuals and companies in the courts and the judicial authority of the jurisdiction of other bodies, bodies of prosecution, authorities and institutions, as well as against other individuals or legal persons who are required to and allow the lawyer to ensure unhindered deployment of its business, under the law.

Everyone has the right freely to choose their own lawyer.

The lawyer work is done by:
a) consultation and application of legal issues
b) assistance and legal representation in court, the prosecution bodies, authorities with jurisdictional powers, public notaries and bailiffs, public administration bodies and institutions, as well as other legal persons, under the law
c) drafting legal documents, attesting the identity of the parties, its contents and date of documents submitted for authentication
d) assistance and legal representation to individuals or to other public authorities interested in the possibility of certifying the identity of the parties, the content and date signed documents
e) protection and representation by means of specific legal rights and interests of individuals and legal entities in their relations with public authorities, institutions and any romanian or foreign person
f) mediation activities
g) activities consisting of cash on deposit receipt in the name and on behalf of the client, financial funds and property, arising from the sale or performance of writs of execution, after the liquidation of successions or as well as placement and capitalization, in the name and on behalf of client, management of funds or assets in which they were placed
h) establishing the temporary headquarters for the company at the professional office of lawyer and recording them, in the name and on behalf of the client, the parties of interest, the shares of such companies registered
i) activities under the letter g) and h) can be held under a new contract for legal assistance
j) any ways and means to exercise the own defense, according to law
Activities mentioned above shall be exercised only by a lawyer, unless the law provides otherwise.